Retirement Planning

Retirement is your longest holiday, and one you need to plan for well in advance. At Optima, retirement strategies are individually tailored to support the long-term preservation and growth of your nest egg. A well-constructed plan will help you manage your income effectively, leaving as much as possible invested to grow while using efficient income strategies to fund your desired lifestyle in retirement

For those who wish to scale back or wind down completely, finding the right levels of income and and/or savings to sustain you over (and possibly beyond) your expected lifespan is where we come in.

Moment-of-truth questions people ask us in pre-retirement are:

  • ‘How much do I need to retire for the lifestyle I want & where will my income come from?’
  • ‘Will I have to keep working for longer than I want?’
  • ‘When can I retire?’
Optima Accountants - Retirement Planning

When you choose Optima to partner you in retirement planning, you know that we’ll cover every component:

  • Getting started—a thorough analysis of where you are now and how you’d like to structure the rest of your life. What financial vehicles are right for you?
  • Transition to part time work or full-time retirement
  • Savings, tax and debt—how to boost the first and reduce the others progressively
  • Super strategies—getting the most from your superannuation over a lifetime, either in a public fund or your own self-managed vehicle
  • Investment—cash, fixed interest deposits, shares, red wine? You tell us and we’ll respond with investment thinking attuned to your best long-term interests
  • Property—consider your options associated with downsizing the family home and investment properties
  • Estate planning—how to reduce stress over the correct handling of your assets when the time comes
  • Aged care—planning your options to maximise your quality of living throughout your life.

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